Créez des Images AI Tendance pour Votre Entreprise avec Bing Image Creator Créez des Images AI Tendance pour Votre Entreprise avec Bing Image Creator

Create trendy AI images for your business with Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create these images for those of you who are passionate about baking. You’ll then be able to use this image as a profile picture on your social networks. Go to Microsoft Image Creator to access this interface.

Bing Image Creator if you haven’t registered on this site yet, I’ve included a video in the description that will show you how to register. But for this video, once you’ve registered, you’ll be taken to this interface. What you’ll have to do is click inside this box, just click.

Advantages of using Bing Image Creator

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Bing Image Creator next, check under the description of this video, you’ll find the prompt I use. But first, watch the video to the end, because I’m going to show you how to modify this prompt to suit your needs.

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After copying the prompt, paste it here. Here, for example, we have an African woman wearing a yellow apron. If you’re not from Africa and want to create this too, you can use the continent you’re from. Here, you’ll write your brand name, which is “LOL Cake”, but put your own instead.

Save Time and Effort in Visual Content Production

Gain de Temps et d'Efforts dans la Production de Contenu Visuel IA

Bing Image Creator for this example, let’s use the name “Gâteau de Grande Fille”. You can change the color here. You see, it says yellow apron, but I can say blue, or I can say red. There, you’ve finished modifying the prompt. What you’ll do next is click on the create button to start generating your images. And here you can see that our image has been created.

If I click on one of them, you can see the result. This is the result of the image. Here’s another one. You can see how cool the image is. If you want to download this, just click on one of them that you like, then click on this button, the three dots, and you’ll see the download button. Download it, and it’ll be saved to your phone.

Selecting the Right Prompt for Your Image

An African woman wearing a yellow apron with "Lolade Cake" written at the front of the apron, she is holding a cake and a spoon, smiling at the camera. She appears to be standing in a kitchen or bakery setting, with various bowls and bottles scattered around her. The woman has long hair and seems to be enjoying herself as she presents the delicious-looking cake.

If you’d like me to continue reporting on prompts like this, no matter what business you’re in, leave a comment below letting me know what business you’re in, and I’ll look for the perfect prompt for you. Thank you all for watching.