Mon avis pour Ad network jalewaads Mon avis pour Ad network jalewaads

Mon avis pour Ad network jalewaads

Do you want to learn more about Jalewaads, an ad network verification without any issues and without restrictions on the minimum number of visitors? I added a site, and my site was activated in just a few minutes.

Ajouter son site sur Ad network jalewaads

Add your site without any issues across multiple categories that match your niche. After adding your site, wait a few minutes to a few hours.

The CPM of Jalewaads.

So, the CPM is $0.02, I am disappointed. Such a CPM for the United States and in France at $0.01, it’s impossible to make money with this kind of CPM unless you have a lot of traffic.

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Moreover, you can’t place more than 1 advertisement. No matter how much you try to put 2 to 10 codes, only one advertisement is displayed.

adult ads without moderation.

I’ve inserted the codes into my site, and adult ads are being displayed, which I do not want. Normally, with this type of advertising, one is well paid, but I do not recommend adult ads, even with images of women with a sexy character, because Google will penalize your site.

I don’t want to continue with this type of advertising; it does not interest me. What I want is a correct CPM, that’s all. If your work is worth $0.02, it’s better to beg.