Google lève l'interdiction de publicité pour les crypto-monnaies Google lève l'interdiction de publicité pour les crypto-monnaies

Google lifts ban on cryptocurrency advertising.

Although the approval of Bitcoin ETF requests by giant financial institutions has not had a positive effect on the price of Bitcoin, it has begun to change some things in the sector. Google allows cryptocurrency advertising after years.

Google has taken a step back.

According to the information received, changes have been made to Google’s advertising policies as of January 29th. Products that comply with the advertising conditions called Cryptocurrency Trust are now allowed to advertise on the Google search network. These conditions are also met by companies that have received approval for the Bitcoin ETF.

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Due to the restrictive conditions, not all cryptocurrency projects can appear on Google’s advertising network. SEC approval thus seems decisive. Upon the announcement of the news, the price of Bitcoin, which had fallen to $39,000, rallied and surpassed $43,000.

In March 2018, citing mounting security concerns, Google implemented a ban on advertisements for cryptocurrency projects. After five years, particularly with the changing perspective of the business world towards cryptocurrencies, Google has also reversed its stance.