ChatGPT vs Anthropic Claude: The Battle of AI Assistants on iOS ChatGPT vs Anthropic Claude: The Battle of AI Assistants on iOS

ChatGPT vs Anthropic Claude: The Battle of AI Assistants on iOS

In recent times, artificial intelligence has taken over our lives and smartphones. Among the most popular AI assistants, we find ChatGPT and Anthropic Claude. And good news for iOS users, Anthropic Claude has just arrived on the App Store!

Anthropic Claude, the AI assistant that lands on iOS

Anthropic Claude is an AI assistant that was developed to help users interact with chatbots. Just like the ChatGPT app, Claude’s new mobile app creates a bridge for chatbot interactions and also allows photo uploads for analysis.

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Features of the Claude Mobile App

The Claude mobile app offers many features to facilitate interactions with chatbots. It allows you to control the conversation history and share it with the web version, and vice versa. Additionally, Anthropic has announced a new team plan designed for groups of at least five people. Each member will have to pay $30 to benefit from this plan, which offers a larger number of conversation requests, access to three different Claude models, and a larger context window (200K tokens) to process longer documents or have more detailed conversations.

ChatGPT vs Anthropic Claude: Who Wins the Battle?

While the ChatGPT app has been available on iOS and Android for some time, Anthropic Claude has just made its debut on the App Store. However, Anthropic has announced that an Android version will be available soon. As for Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini, they are also present on iOS.

But then, who wins the battle of AI assistants? It all depends on the needs of each user. If you need an AI assistant to interact with chatbots, Anthropic Claude is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more versatile AI assistant, ChatGPT may be more suitable.


In conclusion, the arrival of Anthropic Claude on iOS is great news for iPhone and iPad users. With its advanced features and team plan, Claude positions itself as a serious competitor to ChatGPT. However, the choice between these two AI assistants will depend on the needs of each user. Either way, artificial intelligence continues to progress and surprise us more and more every day!